Protect Your Crawl Space From Water Damage

Protect Your Crawl Space From Water Damage

Replace your worn vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC

Your crawl space probably houses some of your HVAC ductwork, wiring and plumbing. These systems and materials need a barrier to protect them from moisture.

Custom Crawlspaces LLC installs and repairs moisture barriers underneath homes in the Charlotte, NC area.

A moisture barrier is the thin sheeting that goes in crawl spaces to prevent moisture from entering your home. It also helps prevent water damage to the equipment found in your crawl space.

If you’re building a new home, a vapor barrier is crucial. We can install one in no time at all.

Call us at 704-287-6364 to perform moisture barrier repairs, too.

Why install a vapor barrier?

Is the vapor barrier in your crawl space damaged? Call us for a replacement ASAP. A moisture barrier is beneficial because it:

  • Keeps moisture in the soil
  • Protects your ductwork from rust and corrosion
  • Guards the wiring in your crawl space from water
  • Keeps your home dry

Hire Custom Crawlspaces for vapor barrier installations and repairs in Charlotte, NC that will save your home from water damage.