Don’t Let Your Crawl Space Damage Get Worse

Don’t Let Your Crawl Space Damage Get Worse

Schedule crawl space repairs in Charlotte, NC

Are your crawl space piers damaged? Is the band sill or joist rotting? Custom Crawlspaces LLC provides crawl space repair services to homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area.

Whether your crawl space materials are falling apart because of age or termites, we can help. We repair rotten and damaged joists, band sills, girders and piers.

If your floors are sloping, weakened piers and girders could be the cause. Piers and girders are the posts and beams in your crawl space that bear your home’s weight.

It’s important to replace weakened or damaged crawl space materials in order to keep your home stable.

We’ll cut out damaged areas and install modern, efficient materials in your crawl space or foundation.

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3 common reasons behind weakened piers

Custom Crawlspaces completes crawl space pier repairs in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Your piers are likely damaged due to:

  1. Standing water under your home
  2. Plumbing leaks
  3. Poor soil conditions

Get the ball rolling on your crawl space repairs by contacting us today.